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mon oeil by tears-of-eternity mon oeil :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 0 Scott by tears-of-eternity Scott :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 5 2 the urges of Jupiter by tears-of-eternity the urges of Jupiter :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 1
an ending of sorts
Like air from your lungs,
your breath s t r e a m e d out in a river.
A multitude.
A torrent.
A flood of words we couldn’t speak.

The air was still. The wind had halted in its outpour of secrets, spilling silence as a substitute into the dark. Your breath painted pictures against a black canvas, arching around and twisting into beauty.
We stuttered and started, once, twice, three times over and over, unable to grasp the intricacies of a language which we’d so carelessly discarded in our pride. For once upon a time, we’d needed no words. The silence had been filled with all our I love you, I want you, I need you’s, caressing our skin, keeping us warm even in the dead of winter.
Now it was stale and stagnant, empty of promises.
We’d run out of things to say.
I turn to face you, but your eyes are looking away, gazing into the deep. The dim light of the lanterns barely illuminates your silhouette. Statue-like you gaze, and my eyes trace the lines of your f
:icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 1
light up the night
“Harvest sunshine?”
“Of course, you’ve never done it before?”
I shake my head as she smiles and takes my hand, pulling me through the tall grass of the fields glowing in the warm afternoon sun. We trip and stumble, laughing as we fall onto our backs, reaching our hands out to the sky, admiring our fingers.
“You should try it sometime; it’s like catching falling stars and saving them for rainy days, only much more practical.”
She says this in a matter of face tone, as if the absurd was completely normal and as always, I play along.
“Allright, the next time I go star fishing, I’ll wait until the next morning and harvest sunshine instead. I’ll be economical for once.”
She smiles again at this, before closing her eyes against the brilliance of light.
The wind rustles through, carrying off our thoughts and dreams to places high and unattainable.
Clouds drift across our eyes.
:icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 1
behind crimson eyes 3 by tears-of-eternity behind crimson eyes 3 :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 0 behind crimson eyes 2 by tears-of-eternity behind crimson eyes 2 :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 0 behind crimson eyes by tears-of-eternity behind crimson eyes :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 0 Tristesse by tears-of-eternity Tristesse :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 11 16
and if you fall, maybe...
I want to dream forever.
break down the fickle walls and
release reality from its prison of conceptuality
I want everything which you want.
I want what i want
I want
I want
I want
I need
the small things watch me
their words are always laughing at my hesitation
in turn, i watch them
revising Magritte
innocence blooms
and aren’t you cold from all the heat you release
curling into tendrils in the shape of sanctity
confusing the gods who’d have preferred love
this is the way of things
this is the way of the world
this is the way of us.
:icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 3 9
the sky was all aglow by tears-of-eternity the sky was all aglow :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 10 8 bec by tears-of-eternity bec :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 2 4 Incendiary by tears-of-eternity Incendiary :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 5 3 Grandiose by tears-of-eternity Grandiose :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 9 10
Like air from your lungs
Your breath streamed out in a river
A multitude
A torrent
A flood of words we couldn’t speak
:icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 3 7
our time is running out by tears-of-eternity our time is running out :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 4 3 and the world keeps spinning by tears-of-eternity and the world keeps spinning :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 5 4 watching the world float by by tears-of-eternity watching the world float by :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 3 6 the shape of the music by tears-of-eternity the shape of the music :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 3 11 Ceaseless by tears-of-eternity Ceaseless :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 6 6 Decadence by tears-of-eternity Decadence :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 18 9 Burst by tears-of-eternity Burst :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 17 12 remembrance by tears-of-eternity remembrance :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 8 27 taint by tears-of-eternity taint :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 11 14


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