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. :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 11
loop :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 0 pirate XD fashion thing :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 87 WHORE ID :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 40 Steevie Synthetic :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 6 Reita :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 34 depths wallpaper :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 1 10k :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 9 soccer tv :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 17 WIP WIP WIP Ursylla :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 3 23 Rationing Breaths sketches :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 20 house of aesthetics detail :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 7 anything but roses :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 3 60 Sheispretty Kate contest 2 :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 4 Sheispretty Kate contest 1 :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 3 10
and we lie side by side under ebony sunsets
         the wind picks up our dreams and hopes
                carries them off to far away lands
and we cant reach them; not now
my thoughts comprise of only you
         and i'm falling, falling down
               drowning in the cacophony of sounds
making me do something... drastic
oooh, oooh
you make murder something {beautiful}
                    as you lie dying
and it makes me think i understand
:icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 23
eyeeeeeee :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 4 15
drink me to somewhere else
                      anywhere but here
       drowned in sighs and mutterings
murmured false condolences
alcohol brings only memories
         nothing of the wanted sweet release
                        you used to say 'you're lucky'
        whispered words in my ear
but i guess you were only lying
                 spilling silken threads to tease
the others used to tell me so
         amidst the bleating morning traffic
:icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 2 19
christmas card fifteen :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 4 christmas card fourteen :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 1 0 christmas card thirteen :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 1 christmas card twelve :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 0 christmas card eleven :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 2 3 christmas card ten :icontears-of-eternity:tears-of-eternity 0 1


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